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I drew a thing should I post it ... eh maybe not.
♂ =  I am a boy who has a crush on you
♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
() = I am a nonbinary/genderqueer person who has a crush on you
* = just delete your dA already
æ = Post a picture of yourself
$ = You’re awesome
# = I love your dA
@ = You’re beautiful
+ = i hate you.
% = You’re ugly
<3 = I want to fuck you
& = I wish we were close
~ = I wish we were friends in real life
? = I relate to a lot of the same things you go through 
! = You inspire me

♂ =  I am a boy who has a crush on you
♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
() = I am a nonbinary/genderqueer person who has a crush on you
* = just delete your dA already
æ = Post a picture of yourself
$ = You’re awesome
# = I love your dA
@ = You’re beautiful
+ = i hate you.
% = You’re ugly
<3 = I want to fuck you
& = I wish we were close
~ = I wish we were friends in real life
? = I relate to a lot of the same things you go through 
! = You inspire me
Ok Im sorry if you find this offensive I just need to put this somewhere... and if you don't agree or want to add please feel free to comment... without any more bullshit here it is.

Ok so first off there is so many regulations that society makes that tells people that things are wrong because oh you're a girl or hay you're a boy and I just don't understand it like why isn't it ok that I'm a girl and I like cars or if a dude likes fucking barbies or shit like that. I also don't understand why people treat others the way they do, I personally cannot stand this shit we are all human and all deserve respect, I don't care what fucking race, gender, or sexual orientation you are/identify as, just be your fucking self and the whole world will be better that way. just don't take shit from anyone. Im really disappointed in the human race we had so much potential but instead we are worried about what is on TV tonight or getting extremely obsessed which stupid things, I do admit I do that also but this shit has got to stop. People will listen to absolutely anything they are told and it is sad and scary at the same time, If you here something and you don't think it is correct then don't do it and if you are not sure take a second and just think about it, just a small second then make your choice, really just take a fucking second and think, no don't just think think for yourself but also think of others, if everyone could just do that then i would not be sitting here writing this today. I sit here and try to act as "normal" as possible so I'm not teased in school or anything like that, but I am sitting here watching a beautiful world die, and I am not able to do anything about it.All this does is make things worse the fact I know the world is already dead but otters don't and that is why I am typing this to make a point. Now just because the plant I live on is bullshit and dead does not mean I'm dead, even with all the bullshit I plan on living as long as possible, actually i plan on trying to save this planet, I can't do that on my own can I, now I can't and I will not tell you that I can but with the help of others we can all stop the bullshit. Now theses last few sentences make me sound like an asshole but this is true all of it every word I put on this page today. I want to just say one last thing this in reality is all about respect for people, this is the simple terms for what I we rote treat people the way you want to be treated, be yourself, and don't be a fucking sheep do your own thing.
If we were drunk I would...
[] Try to fight you
[] hug you, uncontrollably cry and continuously say "I love you man"
[] vomit on you and pass out
[] we don't drink  
[] tell you my complex back story 
[] awkwardly flirt with you
[] leave to try and get laid
[] walk up to you and burp

To me you are...

[] Meh...
[] Sexy as hell
[] pretty cool
[] Really cool
[] not cool
[] Creepy
[] Amazing
[] interesting
[] That guy

If we went on a date...

[] Nope
[] Treat you with class
[] take you to a disco
[] get all "touchy feely"
[] spend the entire date using bad pick up lines
[] attempt to cup a feel
[] try to impress you and inevitably fail
[] Look at you saying "I can't believe I got this far..." 

I would...

[] Date you
[] hang out with you
[] beat the crap out of you
[] show you these amazing new shoes that I got for only $17.99
[] sell cocaine to bail you out of jail
[] take a bullet for you man
[] bail you out of jail
[] kill you 
[] Grab you by the shoulders look you deep in the eyes and whisper, "What the actual frick man?"

If you looked out the window at midnight I would...

[] hold a boom box out over my head and play a romantic song
[] be hiding the bushes
[] passed out drunk in a pile of my own vomit
[] be singing Hungry Like the Wolf
[] Try to explain to you why I am naked and holding a gas can full of live bats
[] throw random stuff at your window
[] stay for a while staring

You should...

[] Repost this in your journal so I can comment 
[] Talk to me
[] -n't have done that Dave
[] learn how to speak Spanish.
[] Get off of DeviantART 
[] You need to hug me

[x] You don't give up easily.  
[] Your quick on your feet, as in, you have a plan prepared when put on the spot.
[x] You tend to be awkward or silly without realizing until it's too late.
[x] You like to explain or teach things to people.
[ ] If you lose, you just work that much harder. 
[x] You stand up for other people's well being more than your own, usually trying to help them.
[ ] You have/had a Poliwrath as part of your main team in any Pokemon game. 
[ ] You blush around a person of the opposite sex often.
[ ] You're generally a nice, easy going person. 
[ ] You're very popular with people. //laughs loudly//


[x] You tend to take things very seriously. 
[x] You're annoyed easily. 
[ ] You're always calm and collected, given any situation. 
[ ] You're very wise and mature. 
[x] You're seen as a jerk, when really you're just going about your own business.
[/] You think two steps ahead at all times.
[ ] You tend to keep a wide variety of Pokemon with you at most times.
[ ] Your parent or grand parent is well known.
[x] You've gotten 2nd place a lot of the time.
[x] You seem to have a "care less" attitude, but deep down you truly care about your friends. 
TOTAL: 5.5


[x] You're very cunning and tricky. 
[ ] You are/were a bit of a thief. 
[ ] You're good looking, which you can use to your advantage. 
[/] You take advantage of people.
[ ] You like the color pink. 
[ ] You don't like birds. 
[ ] You mostly keep "Normal" Pokemon.
[x] You like/love cute things.
[x] You like to mess with people. 
[ ] You have blue eyes.


[x] You're shy. Very shy. 
[ ] You have been mistaken for the opposite sex.
[ ] You usually wear a hat. 
[ ] You can connect with people easily.
[ ] You like to fish. 
[ ] You just can't seem to tell that special someone how you really feel, huh?
[ ] Most of the Pokemon you have are/were from other people.
[ ] You dislike Pokemon evolving. 
[ ] You blush a lot. Even when there is nothing to really blush about. 
[ ] You absolutely love Pikachu.


[x] You're very obnoxious, to the point where people wanna punch you. 
[ ] You're very good at pool/billiards.
[ ] You ride a skateboard or scooter often.
[ ] You're very arrogant or full of yourself.
[x] You like animals and/or have a house full of them. 
[ ] You like to show off.
[ ] You tend to hatch Pokemon Eggs a lot. 
[ ] You like to hit on people.  
[ ] You like the Pokemon Aipom or Ambipom.
[x] You give people nicknames. 


[x] On first impression, you're very distant and cold. 
[x] You're very quiet. 
[x] You take things almost too seriously.
[x] You seem angry a lot of the time. 
[x] You'd rather keep a low profile. 
[x] You think your best friend is annoying. 
[x] There's this one person that you would do anything for.
[ ] You have/had a Sneasel/Weavile as part of your main team in any Pokemon game. 
[x] You're quick to anger. 
[ ] You choose a Pokemon based on power rather than the Pokemon itself. 


[x] You're a hard worker.
[x] You work more than you play. //its called school//
[ ] You tend to rely on your legs more than your arms. 
[ ] You can kick pretty hard. 
[x] You like stars. 
[ ] You've actually completed the PokeDex in any game. If this is true, I salute you. 
[ ] You're never a violent person. Even when mad. 
[ ] You catch a lot of Pokemon, as opposed to trading, breeding, gifts, etc.
[x] You've worked with young children at a school once in your life. 
[x] There is one person that you can't stand, but can't be without them.


[x] You have a scar somewhere on your body.
[] You love Pokemon Contests. 
[ ] You've suffered a near fatal accident as a child. 
[ ] You're attracted to the "wild and crazy" type.
[ ] You wear glasses.  
[ ] You like to dress up your animals.
[x] You sometimes forget things that are important. 
[] Your birthstone is the ruby.
[x] You tend to hide things from people. 
[x] You can run very fast. 


[x] You dislike clothes. 
[ ] You're wild and dangerous.
[ ] You prefer Pokemon battling over anything else in the games. 
[x] You're attracted to the calm, relaxed type.
[ ] You're a tough person, but you're still sweet and bubbly deep down. //I'm not ever sweat and bubbly. wtf does that even mean//
[ ] You make a lot of bets. 
[x] The person you like doesn't show any interest. 
[ ] You have an outfit someone made for you, or at least an article of clothing.
[x] Your birthstone is the sapphire. 
[ ] Someone you know suffered because you were scared to do anything. 


[ ] You're short. 
[x] You have a past you like to keep hidden. 
[] You love Pokemon battles.
[x] You use a lot of machinery or technology wherever you go. 
[x] You tend to borrow things from your friends. 
[ ] Your favorite color is green.
[ ] You're older than you actually appear. 
[x] You wear long sleeved clothes.
[ ] You have/had a Sceptile as part of your main team in any Pokemon game.
[ ]  You enjoy the Battle Frontier in any Pokemon game.


[x] You like to eat...a lot. 
[x] You're protective over certain people. 
[x] You're quiet sometimes 
[x] You make puns at inappropriate times.
[x] You tend to be the follower. 
[x] You're very laid back, not caring what people do. 
[] Most of the Pokemon you use are slow and bulky. 
[x] The person you like is out of your league. 
[x] You're kind of a dimwit. 
[] You can cook. 


[x] You're very hasty at times.
[ ] You like to make jokes, preferably with a partner.
[ ] You're very bossy and like to take charge. 
[ ] You usually hit your friends 
[x] You call people by their full name when you're serious.
[ ] You see stand up comedians as an inspiration. 
[ ] You wake up earlier than your friends. 
[ ] You have mostly fast Pokemon on your team.
[x] You've learned a lot from your mother/father. 
[] You've known your best friend since first grade.


[ ] You're family is very rich. 
[x] You enjoy to travel. 
[x] You like to try new things. 
[ ] People often worry about you. // who would lol laughing//
[x] You tend to lie every once in a while. 
[x] You're a much better writer than speaker. 
[ ] You like get dressed up for special occasions. 
[ ] You dislike the cold weather. 
[x] People take care of you more than you take care of yourself.
[ ] You have been called a princess/prince. 


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i like kittys and Hunger Games (wow i am so interesting not XD)

Warriors Stamp by Goldencloud I'm super by ilaaaria wtf cat stamp by imbryl I heart CATS::stamp by Katttty920 Jclay251 Support Stamp by AshbreezeTheKitty Tracker Jacker Venom by HungerGamesFangirl21
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